From the press review and the clamour to buy one, it seems this new development by Trek has really hit the mark. It is obviously a nicely designed bike that looks fast and comes in lots of variations and price points. Add to the hoopla of the TDF around the corner and seeing Mr. Armstrong riding it once again on 3 July, and the love fest will only likely grow. The bike is going to be a top sellar this year and likely for years to come, but what I am not sure is will it have the same impact that Cervelo’s P3C had in 2006 when it became fully available.

Does this bike really take a step forward in both aero and functionality? As for functionality, it certainly looks like Trek has done a stellar job on their homework with an amazing front brake, hidden cables, hidden rear brake, aero storage fairing, a better bento box and even aero quick releases. Did I mention the implanted Ant+ receiver? That in itself is a huge step forward as all cyclists around the world have fought the battle of attaching a speed/cadence sensor on their fork or chainstays. This integrated solution looks to be such a simple and obvious design, but one that seems to be so far from any other manufacturers minds. That has now changed. This bike will change the paradigm of tri bikes as now it will become the standard to not only make an aero looking bike (I say aero looking, as the aero claims for most frames are quite exaggerated), but also going forward truly functional in supporting the rider with the storage needs that are necessary for the long course triathlete.

The only problem I see with the bike and its design is the stem/bar limitations. Trek claims that its set up is more adjustable than most standard stem/bar options, but I measured the stack and reach of my set up on my P3C and to get the same set up on a Speed Concept I would require lower pads than can be attained from Trek’s options. I don’t think Trek will suffer many lost sales due this type of issue however, but as cyclists continue to get smarter and more informed about proper bike fit and the limitations of certain frame designs, there may be an impact on the sales of this frame.

So, the questions remains to be answered: will cyclists buy a bike that does not fit them quite right to get the amazing functionality that comes with the Speed Concept? If they don’t, how long will it take Scott, Cervelo, Felt, Giant and the others to react to Trek’s ground breaking new bike?

I for one, hope that Cervelo meets the challenge promptly as my P3C is due to be replaced in the next few months or year, and I would love to stay in the Cervelo Mafia

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